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Nobuko: A pioneer
for Asian Americans
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Nobuko at age four (ABOVE) and more recently trekking (RIGHT) ... click on images for enlargment
Singer/songwriter/dancer Nobuko has seen numerous acknowledgements as a result of her fruitful career. She is a two-time recipient of Artist-in-Residence grants from the California Arts Council. She was awarded a Woman Warrior Award from the Asian Pacific Women's Network, and from the Woman's Building Los Angeles she received the Vesta Award, which recognizes women who have made significant contributions to the arts in Southern California.

Nobuko's latest creative offering is her album To All Relations. Published by Bindu Records, To All Relations is a collection of moving songs that reflect the twists and turns of Nobuko's artistic journey.

Nobuko describes that journey - from a child eager to perform, to Broadway dancer, to singer of her own stories, to the multitalented performer of today - in the form of a poem that reads like the lyrics of one of her songs:

my songs are recipes
like me
granddaughter of pioneers
Japan and England
jambolaya American
everyday recipes
stories, prayers, wisdom passed on
spices gathered from journeys
struggles and warrior stances
elixers of word, rhythm and melody
pungent colors now part of my blood
coming through me
coming through me
music making me
go beyond my self

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