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Nobuko: A pioneer
for Asian Americans
in the performing arts

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Nobuko performs in her one-woman show A Grain of Sand ... click image for enlargement
Part of Nobuko's mission has been to carve out more opportunities for Asian American artists. For the past several years she been producing a contemporary performance art festival called A Slice of Rice. Seeing art as a powerful means to bridge diverse communities, she developed A Slice of Rice, and Frijoles and Greens, which tours colleges and even has a version for kids that performs for the Los Angeles Music Center's On Tour Program.

Continually following her artistic voice, Nobuko recently ventured into the realm of the one-person show. In the critically acclaimed A Grain Of Sand, which premiered at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, Nobuko wove a poetic mixture of song, video, monologue and movement which shares her personal journey to find her voice as an Asian American woman. New World Theater lauded the performance as "a milestone work ... 'Grain' begins with one person's voice and, like the flames of the Los Angeles uprising, engulfs all humanity." The show tours colleges throughout the country.

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