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"Jazzy...earthy...sassy...while nature inspires and tradition guides, it is Endo's relentless experimentation and deviations from the conventional that jolt. Music that is transcribed directly from the inside ... music that comes from the spirit ... that is the music that concerns him."

- Nadir Magazine (Tokyo)


Taiko master Kenny Endo
releases new "Hibiki" CD

Hibiki, a new CD by internationally renowned taiko and Japanese percussion master Kenny Endo has just been released on Bindu Records and is available at retail.

Endo's compositions continue to explore the synthesis of traditional Japanese drumming techniques with world musical rhythms. Hibiki will firmly establish Endo as a pioneer in contemporary taiko music.

Hibiki -- which means "resonance" and "reverberation" -- contains seven stunning original musical works recorded "Live in Concert" at Tokyo's Nippori Sunny Hall October 13 and 14, 1997. Endo's performance is heightened with a master ensemble of musicians weaving a tapestry of music utilizing Noh and Kabuki Theater Drums, bamboo flutes and East Indian Bansuri, 17-string bass koto with taiko.

Hibiki, produced by Kenny Endo in cooperation with Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten is released by Los Angeles-based Bindu Records (; ). The CD is available through selected retail outlets as well as by mail order and the Internet through Bindu Records and Kendo Music.

This CD is a must not only for fans of taiko music, but all who love music with the soul of Japanese tradition in harmony with world music.

Dealer and distribution inquires may be directed to Bindu Records at 11901 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 533, Santa Monica CA 90025. Telephone (310) 315-0658. Fax (310) 315-0218.


Kenny Endo/Hibiki (Bindu Records)
Featured Musicians

Yoshinori Nomi Japanese-Latin percussion
Kyosuke Suzuki Japanese woodwinds (Master of Japanese Festival Music)
Hideaki Kuribayashi Jushuchigen (17 string Bass Koto)
Kiyonari Tosha Kotsuzumi, Taiko & percussion
Shonosuke Okura Noh Ookawa (Large hour-glass shaped drum), vocals
Hiroshi Nakagawa Bansuri (East Indian flute)
Shoji Kameda Taiko & percussion
Masato Baba Taiko & percussion

Release date: 980402



11901 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 533
Santa Monica CA 90025

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