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Audience praise for Bindu's TO ALL RELATIONS concert in Hollywood continued long after the July 19 show ended. Here are samples of the rave reviews and comments that have made their way back to Bindu's offices:

Richard F. Davidson, an architect from Venice, wrote us: "Saw your performance, 'To All Relations,' Saturday night. What a fabulous evening. The energy - yours and your band - Francis Awe, Omowale Orisayomi and their group - Charlie Chin (pictured) and his stories - all fantastic. The spirit, the themes, the commitment - inspiring. Congratulations. It was a rewarding experience. Thanks. Your cultural combining was so sensitive, powerful, and touching that I felt I was floating between Japan and the Amazon - held aloft by flapping 'throw-a-way' chopsticks."

Dr. Beverly J. Robinson, associate professor of Theatre and Folklore Studies at UCLA, said of the concert, "My sincerest hope is that when recounting the history of the Los Angeles in 1997, someone will remember how hundreds of people at the Ford Anson Theatre joined in the healing concert of Nobuko Miyamoto and Francis Awe. There were deep words with excellent music given to build and bridge human relations on a Saturday night in L.A."



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