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Francis Awe:
Master of the
talking drum

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Now a recording artist for Bindu Records, Francis Awe's new album, Oro Ijinle, has just been released. Remo Drums is also manufacturing the Francis Awe Talking Drum designed by and named after this Talking Drum Master.

"My mission in life is, not only to make the Dundun a universal instrument, but also to transmit the family aspect of African life to all the people of the universe" Awe says.

"I am interested in using this medium to unify the people of all races and colors," he says. "My students at present are reflecting this dream, because I have students from all ethnic groups learning to play the Dundun."

ABOVE Members of the Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble swirl around Awe, center, during a performance at a Bindu Records concert in Hollywood in July 1997 ... click image for enlargement

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