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Awe studied at the University of Ife where he obtained a degree in Dramatic Arts. Before coming to the United States to study, he was employed by the University of Lagos, Centre for Cultural Studies, as a drummer and Chief Cultural Assistant.

Awe came to America to go to school at California Institute of the Arts and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in World Arts and Cultures at UCLA.

Today, the Master Talking Drummer resides in Los Angeles. Together with his African-American wife, Omowale, he directs the Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble, a performance group that educates its audiences about Nigerian traditions and culture through the use of music, song, and dance.

Awe has traveled around the world entertaining audiences with his talking drum, performing in Italy, Mexico, Germany, India, Alaska, and throughout the United States. He has composed music for stage, for films and television. With the Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble, he teaches workshops and performs in schools and universities.

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